Research papers written or co-written by Fiona Chatteur

Visualising COVID 19: Implications for Design Education

Examining the use of infographics with medical information during the COVID-19 pandemic. Authors: Chatteur, F., Leppens, M. in The International Journal of Art and Design Education Volume 42, Issue 3 August 2023

A New Retail Interior Design Education Paradigm for a Circular Economy.

Paper developing an ecosystems for sustainable interior design. Authors: Whiting, P.; Cullen, V.; Adkins, H.; Chatteur, F. in Sustainability 2023, 15, 1487.

An employee retention model using organizational network analysis for voluntary turnover

Social network analysis on quit propsensity. Authors: Younis, S.; Ahsan, A.; Chatteur, F.M. in Social Networks Analysis and Mining 13, Article number: 28 (2023)

MMR in Design – Opportunities for Interdisciplinary Research

Presentation at the MMIRA Virtual Global Conference 2022 Authors: Leppens, M., Chatteur, F., Perkins, P. Theoretical/Methodological paper outlining the book chapter Presented by Fiona Chatteur

Mixed methods studies in design practice and suggestions for business and management research

Book chapter looking at Mixed Methods in the journal Design Studies. Authors: Mcevery-Leppens, M., Chatteur, F., Perkins, P. In R. Cameron & X. Golenko (Eds.), Handbook of Mixed Methods Research in Business and Management 2023, Chapter 25, Edward Elgar.

Design for Pedagogy Patterns for E-Learning

Developing a method for embedding pedagogical theories into design patterns for e-learning, with a focus on screen design for e-learning. Using a "pattern pack" experiential learning and social constructivism theories are able to inform the screen design for online forums. Conference paper and presentation at the Eighth IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies 2008 in Santander, Spain.

Computer Graphics

Through the Screen of SSG. Documenting the history of computer graphics. Presented at the Born Digital and Cultural Heritage Conference, Melbourne, Australia 2014.

Embedding Experiential Learning and Constructivism into E-learning Courseware

Paper presented at the 11th International Conference for Experiential Learning 2008.

Developing and Evaluating a Design for Pedagogy Pattern for an Online Forum.

Developing an online forum using Design for Pedagogy Patterns. In Practical design patterns for teaching and learning with technology SensePublishers Rotterdam 2014.

Online forum for E-Learning

This chapter outlines the resulting design pattern for an online forum. Developed using the "Pattern Pack" customised for e-learning. In Practical design patterns for teaching and learning with technology SensePublishers Rotterdam 2014.

PHD Thesis: Design for Pedagogy Patterns for E-Learning

The development of design patterns for screen technology for e-learning. A methodology for embedding experiential learning and social constructivism into the screen design for e-learning. PhD Thesis submitted to the University of Sydney 2011.

Dissertation: The Interactive Narrative

Author: Fiona Kerr (maiden name). This dissertation examines the use and efficacy of interface metaphors and develops 3D models for narrative structures in computer games. Outlines the narrative importance event nodes, level design, choke points and non-linear storytelling in interactive environments. Masters Honours Dissertation, University of Sydney 1997.

CYBERNETIC WOMAN Impossible Perfection

Author: Fiona Kerr (maiden name). Book Chapter in WomenVision, Women and the Moving Image in Australia Damned Publishing, Melbourne 2003.