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I started developing Fish! the animation in 2012 when I was supposed to be doing my PhD. The first stage was character design, where the fish himself went through many generations. Then I played with the bubbles. This print took something like 25 hours to render and a ridiculous amount of time to get the bubbles just right. This is my favourite still from the animation, but there is a series of four prints to make up an entire story.

Fine art print of an original 3D artwork.

Fish! Is a panel from a digital animation. It shows a fish swimming through an azure blue ocean. Painstakingly created, this print is perfect for the junior bedroom. It is one of a series of images.

Fine art print on acid-free paper, this print has a specially cut mount and is framed with a white frame.

1 review on Fiona Chatteur

Posted by Fiona • Oct 3, 2016 • All Website

"Wonderful bracelet."

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